Concrete Repair Services in
Sioux Falls


Looking for an affordable alternative to replace the concrete in your home or business? Northwest Concrete Cutting & Crane Service has the answer with our complete concrete repair services. Since 1981, we’ve been the prominent name in concrete repair services in the Sioux Falls area.


We have years of experience cutting and repairing concrete drains. We will take the job from start to finish, from cutting and removing the old concrete drains and grates, to epoxying, repairing, and re-pouring new concrete, and finally installing a new grate. We work with many trucking companies as well as manufacturing companies to help them repair their high traffic areas so they are safe and effective.


If your business or home is a victim to settling or damaged concrete, we have a solution to permanently fix your problems. We have used epoxy to repair not only residential driveways but concrete foundations, truck loading docks levelers, as well as water reservoirs in some of the states largest water treatment plants. We use a three-step process to ensure that the work is done safely, correctly, and efficiently.

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“Muth Electric uses Northwest Concrete Cutting and Crane Service for several reasons. First, they are a family owned business with great leadership. Second, they have fair pricing, quality equipment and quick response times to meet schedules. Last, but most important, their entire staff from top to bottom works with the highest level of professionalism and safety at all times. Whether it is cutting concrete or lifting a 50,000 lb generator, we can count on them to take care of us and our customers in any situation.”


Division Manager, Muth Electric, Inc.

The Contractor’s certified crane operator Logan Lueders demonstrated strong technical skills and knowledge in operating Fort Randall’s Grove RT300E mobile cranc for critical (blind) lifts at the Spillway and Outlet Works Stilling Basin. Logan provided safe and efficient operation, to include maneuvering (crab crawling) the mobile crane into the proper position at each location on two separate visits. Fort Randall staff mentioned that Logan was easy to work with, provided excellent service, shared technical knowledge of the crane, and signaling expectations. Final billing for the two trips to Fort Randall and respective hours of service was exactly what was provided and quoted.


COR, Supervisory Mechanical Engineer

“We’ve been using Northwest Concrete Cutting & Crane Service for a year now and couldn’t have picked a better company to help us with our crane needs. They are quick to respond and always willing to work us in to their schedule. It’s been a pleasure working with Landon and their crane operators who ensure each site goes as smooth as


COR, Supervisory Mechanical Engineer


Service is our business, and we’ll do everything possible to accommodate your business.