Floor Grinding & Polishing

Beautify Any Walking Area in
Your Home or Business

Restore and repair your floors with residential and commercial floor grinding and polishing services from the experienced concrete professionals at Northwest Concrete Cutting & Crane Service. We have the creativity and equipment needed to make your floors look spectacular again!

Level Your Floors With Our Concrete Grinding Services

Concrete grinding involves a machine with a spinning disc that works much like a floor polisher, except that the diamond, stone, or carbide abrasive on the disc will remove concrete from the surfaces. It is a popular method for maintaining sidewalks and removing trip hazards. We can grind misaligned sidewalks up to 2 inches to make them safe for walking.

Make an Impression With Our Floor Polishing Services

With our experience in floor polishing and staining designs, we can make any floor look outstanding. No design idea is too detailed for us! We've been polishing floor surfaces for residential and commercial properties since 1981!

Instantly improve the look of your:
  • Garage floors
  • Basement floors
  • Indoor patios
  • Shop floors
  • Bay areas
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